Machine Learning, AI and Data Science Services for SMEs

We help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) take advantage of affordable data science technologies with ease.


Development of just those parts of artificial intelligence needed, between your current systems, to unlock the power of your data.

SME focused

SME organizations need their own AI solutions. We provide data science solutions, such as machine learning, that fits your size.

Your level

We work together with organizations of all levels, whether you're already started data science solutions, or have yet to start.

Machine Learning, AI, Data Science Solutions

Machine Learning, AI and Data Science solutions for SMEs

We help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) take advantage of data science technologies with ease.

SME proof

We are breaking the rule that data science technologies, such as machine learning, are only affordable for large companies.


Just the piece of artificial intelligence needed, between your other systems, to unleash the power of your data.

All levels

We work with organizations of all levels, whether you've already started data science solutions or have yet to begin.

Starter program Data Solutions 101

Our end-to-end starter program, Data Solutions 101, is developed to guide you through the 3-phase process of implementing data-driven optimization, automation and predictive analytics into your organization.

This program gets you started with data-driven business and deliver the final data solutions to cover your most pressing business opportunities.

75% of SME business leaders say they have a need for
some form of data intelligence
to make better decisions.
Only 36% USE it.

So, how does Solutions 101 work?
Identify data-driven business

Together, we will identify where advanced data technologies can increase your business opportunities and how data ideally supports your business processes.

Prepare and implement
selected data solutions

The strategic roadmap with detailed specifications will tell you exactly how to initiate your data-driven business. We start developing the relevant data solutions or you can do it yourself. You decide when you want to do what and by whom.

Monitor and optimize

Once a data solution is implemented and running, we start monitoring performance and optimize it where needed to reach the desired level of efficiency.

Modular Specialist Services

Our modular specialist services in Data Science, AI and Advanced Analytics technologies, such as Machine Learning, will help organizations that already know what they need from data specialists. You can rely on us for the completion of complex parts of your data-driven business objectives.

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

Disruptive machine learning models with data-derived answers, predictions and decisions. Optimize and automate your processes with customized ML intelligence. Let us design, develop and implement the advanced analytics solutions for you or develop them together with your DevOps team.

Data science skills right when you need it

We work seamlessly together with in-house IT teams and software development firms that need temporary data science skills on more complex projects. Usually involving advanced analysis methods, high performance computing and the latest data science techniques.

Spotting your data-driven business opportunities

We help executive teams identify and plan where advanced data technologies can increase their business opportunities, whether it is by unlocking the power of your existing data or finding new solutions to key challenges.

We do the nerdy stuff

while you do your work

We promised and we keep it. We take care of the technical details, keeping it simple and understandable for you, without having to worry about learning all the technical stuff. So you can stay focused on what’s important: running your business.

Advanced Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive decision modelling, data mining and pattern recognition.

Machine Learning

Machine learning engineering, reinforcement, neural network, deep learning.

Big Data & Data Engineering

Data-warehousing, data lakes & clustering, data streams (pipeline) processing.

Natural Language Processing

Text recognition, text categorization, chat-bots.


Dash board development, AI story telling, user training.

Web Semantics

Linked data, data integration, knowledge graphs.

How can we help you?

Let’s talk and understand better what you do and how we can help to take your business to new heights.

Experts in data-driven automation, optimization and predictions

Solutions developed and customized to individual business objectives

Flexible payment options while your new ML solution runs and earns back

The use of data-driven scientific technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, is mainly adopted by larger companies. SMEs would greatly benefit from access to these new technologies, but unfortunately it is not always easy to afford or understand them.

Therefore, we have decided to make the complex simple and designed an affordable cost structure, so that our clients can compete with the giants in this fast-growing data-driven world.
Ronald van der Bijl
Co-Founder at DataVink