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Whether you have already started with advanced data analytics, machine learning, data science techniques, or have yet to begin, we work with organizations of all levels.

We help you understand, plan and implement advanced analytics methods to optimize and automate processes intelligently, discover deep insights in your data and predict future outcomes for better, data-driven decisions.

We help executive teams identify and plan where advanced data technologies can increase their business opportunities, whether it is by unlocking the power of your existing data or finding new solutions to key challenges.

We design, develop and implement advanced data analytics and machine learning solutions. From optimizing and automating data-driven processes to disruptive machine learning with data-derived answers and predictions.

We work with IT teams and software development firms that need data science skills on more complex projects involving advanced data analysis methods, high performance computing and the latest data science techniques.

Are you a new to this?

Let’s talk and help you better understand the applications of advanced analytics and how a more effective use of data can take your business to new heights.

We like to keep it

We make the complex simple by using easy-to-understand language. We strive to introduce new data technologies without you having to worry about learning our technical stuff.


Advanced data analytics and machine learning no longer mean big changes. We keep it workable by taking into account organizational capabilities and ensuring minimal disruption.


Many data science projects tend to be unpredictably large and result in expensive solutions. With our 2-staged process, you know in advance what the estimated cost per data solution is.

Potential results

with Advanced Analytics Inside

Uncover emerging opportunities with deeper data insights, transform customer experience and value, automate repetitive human tasks, detect new revenue streams and cost reductions, predict future outcomes, take data-driven decisions and much more.

Data-Driven Optimization

Optimize your business processes with all available data and advanced data analytics techniques.

Data-Driven Automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks and let the machine do the work and even take the decisions for you.

Data-Driven Prediction

Predict what will happen next and what actions you should take with predictive analytics models.

Working with your industry?

Many industries are driving growth and efficiency with the almost infinite number of ways advanced data analytics, machine learning and data science techniques can be used.

We do nerdy stuff

While you do your work

Advanced Analytics

Predictive decision modelling, data mining and pattern recognition.

Machine Learning

ML algorithms supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, neural network, deep learning.

Natural Language Processing

Chat-bots, text recognition, text categorization.

Big Data & Data Engineering

Data-warehousing, data lakes & clustering, data streams (pipeline) processing.


Dash board development, AI story telling, user training.

Web Semantics

Linked data, data integration, knowledge graphs.

Some of the tools we utilize in Data Engineering, Visualisation, and Analytics
Data Science Tools
More about our technical skills

Business Intelligence

not so intelligent anymore

Time for Advanced Analytics

While traditional business intelligence software still deals with the question what happened in the past, advanced analytics and data science deals with the questions what will happen in the future and what if.

With advanced analytics we’re looking for hidden patterns in data, using disruptive machine learning techniques for automation and optimization, and provide you with predictive analytics for tomorrow’s answers.

Advanced Data Analytics

for any business size

About us at DataVink

We are proud to make advanced analytics and data science accessible to businesses of all sizes. We are expediting the adoption of the technologies so that our clients can keep up in this fast growing data-driven world.

Our team networks and unique partnerships of data experts and business professionals ensure that every solution we offer our client is in line with their current capabilities and well thought out for future needs.

Hands-on work

We can work in an advisory role but are also very keen to roll up our sleeves and develop the various data-technical solutions in co-creation with your team or take care of it all. Have a look at our specialities here.

SME Proof

We are breaking the rule where advanced data analytics are only available for large companies.

Team Friendly

We deliver customized data solutions with minimal disruption to your teams' day-to-day operations.

Budget Aware

Pay in full or opt for a settlement payment while your new machine learning model runs and earn back.

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