Advanced Analytics Solutions

We provide advanced analytics for clients who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. The power is in your data.

Automation, optimization, and predictions by machine-generated intelligence.

A unique piece of intelligence built on top of your current systems.

Flexible payment options while your machine learning model runs and earns back.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Advanced Analytics Solutions

We provide advanced analytics for clients who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. The power is in your data.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Automate, optimize, predict by machine generated intelligence

A unique piece of software built on top of your current systems

Flexible payment options while your ML solution runs and earns back

About this service

Before you read on, it’s good to know that any organisation, regardless of size, can benefit from exploiting Advanced Analytics. Whether it is by applying Data Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Artificial Intelligence (AI), we take care of the technical details, keep it simple and understandable, so that you can focus on what is important: your business.

Our service starts with determining what the opportunities are and what techniques are needed to reach your goals. We help you to adopt the functionality of Advanced Analytics in order to take your business to new heights.

We design, develop and implement solutions within the Advanced Analytics domain, applying the latest data analysis technologies.

As well to internal and external data in order to optimize processes, automate tasks and discover deeper insights to make predictions and machine generated recommendations.

Advanced Analytics Techniques

Advanced Analytics comprehends many sophisticated techniques such as Data and Text Mining, Machine Learning engineering, Pattern matching, Forecasting, Data Visualization, Topic modeling, Sentiment Analysis, Clustering and Classification, Graph data structure, Visual recognition, amongst many others.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses machine learning to help you forecast the results your business will obtain by finding patterns in you historical data. By predicting results you can meet objectives, manage risks and make accurate decisions.

Example: When is the optimal time to re-stock and what is the optimal quantity to minimize waste.

Machine Learning

Machine learning finds with algorithms new patterns and conclusions in data that can automatically learn and teach itself based on experiences that take place, without being explicitly programmed and with minimal human intervention.

Example: Identify which product or service will become more appealing to each of your clients and why.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics helps you go beyond reacting to what has happened, and gives future recommendations to achieve your defined goals, minimize the upcoming risks and associated costs you could face in your day-to-day operations, and maximize efficiency and earnings.

Example: Ever seen an Amazon product recommendation you “might be interested”? This is prescriptive analytics.

A/B Testing

Machine learning-driven A/B testing makes it possible to gain powerful insights on a large scale. It’s often used to find out which event, product or service appeals more to a certain group of users or customers, and helps you detect new segments with unique features.

Example: Is a certain group of people more likely to pay more for product A if it rains at their location, and how much more?

Data Mining

Data mining turns raw data into new meaningful information by discovering patterns and relationships in vast volumes of data. This clean and structured data can be used for existing analysis or as qualified data for machine learning projects.

Example: Are there services or product bundles that we should offer to our customers that we are not aware of?

Natural Language Processing

NLP is a computational technique that allows computers to interact with human users – your clients – using a common vocabulary, giving them the feel of real human interaction, which can greatly enhance your customer experience.

Example: Implement chat-bot to give clients a  24/7 timely and friendly response and learn from this collected data.

Data Science

Data science is the umbrella for all disciplines used to make sense of vast amounts of data. Our data scientist can tell you what techniques and systems are needed, whether it’s for machine learning or a combination of other techniques.

Example: What would it take to automate our return shipping process using machine learning decision making?

So, what's in it for me?

Advanced analytics is an umbrella term, connected with the fields of AI and Data Science, that includes predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, data mining and other analytics using high-level data science methods.

It can uncover emerging opportunities with deeper data insights, transform customer experience and value, automate repetitive tasks, detect new revenue streams, predict future outcomes, take automatic decisions and much more.

Take a look at some examples.


Optimize your business processes with all available data and applying advanced data analytics techniques.


Eliminate repetitive tasks and let the machine with AI technology do the work for you and even take the decisions.


Predict what will happen next and what actions you should take by using predictive analytics machine learning models.

Advanced Analytics highlights

Move from what happened today or in the past to the era of predicted recommendations and data-driven decisions.


Provide your people with supportive intelligence that improves their results and boosts team performance.


Upgrade and invest in the future with technologies that give you deep insights and the answers of the world ahead.

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