Data Science Consulting
and Specialized Services

Right where you need it

Temporary data science skills on your more complex projects

Highly educated academics with extensive business experience

Hands-on coding if your team is missing the required skills

About this service

As a data science consulting and specialized services team, we work with software development and IT teams. We offer consulting for one-off data science-related questions or our data science technology specialists can help you hands-on with projects to develop advanced analytical solutions.

Data science is not necessarily a full-time job for most organisations, but professional data science skills are certainly required when it comes to more complex software developments, such as (re)structuring data systems and/or architecture, and expanding into machine learning, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.

Data science consulting services enables you to take on more complex data-related projects without having to grow your team. We’re happy to help your management, engineering and development teams with data science consulting and our specialist skills.

Data Science Advice
and Specialist Works

Where we jump in

Advanced Analytics Technology Selection

Select the right analytical technology in line with your business objectives.

Machine Learning Engineering

ML coding done by us or in co-creation with your development team.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Discover new insights by identifying hidden patterns inside data.

Data Architecture and Governance

Leverage results by setting proper data architecture and governance.

Big Data and Data Engineering

Infrastructure design, data usage and processing for larger volumes.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Cost-effective processing and scalable parallelization capabilities.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Object, image and video recognition with high complexity and bigger data.

Data Science Project Management

Specialized control with ad-hoc life-cycle, methodology and frameworks.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

We help you to obtain the required data science knowledge and skills.

Where our data science
consulting work is at its best

As data science experts we work with software engineering companies and in-house IT and DevOps teams. Our data science consulting and specialized services support you with various data science-specific methodologies, technologies and hands-on development skills.

  • IT Management

    Manage the success of your projects with a temporary extension of data science expertise and
    close the gap where your in-house team is missing specific skills.

  • Software Engineering

    We work together with software engineers to add our skills in machine learning, data mining, big data,
    data engineering, data governance and high performance computing requirements.

  • Software Development

    Whether it is co-creating the developments or coding the entire solution for you, while your people
    can adopt our techniques, we will gladly reinforce your team with data science development skills.

Best practice with flexibility

One-off or project-based data science consulting services with direct access to highly skilled data scientists or engineers.


Flatten your project’s learning curve through development on the right techniques and the right foundations.


Option to scale up or down the level of data science tasks depending on the skills you need and your budget.

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