Data Strategy Assessment

The roadmap to your data-driven business goals

Data strategy for starter and advanced organizations.

Adapted to your company size and business objectives.

Strategic roadmap usually completed within 4 - 6 weeks.

Data Strategy Assessment

The roadmap to your data-driven business goals

Data strategy for starter and advanced organizations

Adapted to your company size and individual objectives

Strategic roadmap usually completed within 4 - 6 weeks

About this service

A clear data strategy is vital if your business is to be driven by data-driven goals.

Many companies get so caught up in the data-driven business buzz that they collect as much data as possible, without really thinking about what they want to do with all that data. While others are so overwhelmed by options that they tend to look away.

Our data strategy assessment service helps you to identify how advanced analytics and its data-technologies can increase your business opportunities, whether it’s unlocking the power of existing data or finding new solutions to key challenges.

Instead of starting with the data itself, every business should start with business objectives.

At first, it doesn’t matter what data is out there, what data you’re already collecting, what new forms of data are becoming available, or what data technologies to use.

A good data strategy is not about what data is readily or potentially available – it’s about what your business wants to achieve, and how data can help you get there.

Data strategy process in a nutshell

Business objectives definition

Together we will determine exactly what your business requires, reach common understanding about the role of data, and how data should ideally support your goals.

Current situation assessment

Research of your current processes, data usage and systems. We will use this to determine where your processes, data collection and the IT landscape need improvement.

Objectives to data solutions mapping

The defined business objectives and research outputs are analysed by the data scientist, and will be mapped to the most appropriate data solutions and techniques.

Data strategy roadmap delivery

The final delivery is a time-bound priority plan that defines where you want to go and how to get there. This playbook details the suitable data solutions, estimated cost, and the actions to follow.

Who benefits most from data strategy

New to data-driven solutions

If you are not yet using data-driven methods in your company then data strategy assessment will detect your data opportunities and how to apply them.

Moving from descriptive to predictive analytics

If you have a solid analytic foundation but are looking to move forward from descriptive to seamlessly implement predictive analytics into daily operations.

Dealing with transformative growth

If your business is experiencing rapid growth and needs to make sure that your data processes and underlying infrastructure can scale accordingly.

Updating data & analytics systems​

If you are evaluating an upgrade to newer, more modern data technologies and looking for input on what technology and infrastructure is needed.

We work closely together with your Executive Team and Key Players to get your business input and validate strategic decisions.

From our side, the Business Strategist and Data Scientist will be assigned to the entire data strategy assessment process.

The Strategist ensures that the chosen data solutions are aligned with the defined business objectives and organizational capabilities. The Data Scientist assesses and designs the technical requirements and identifies the most appropriate data solutions.

You'll walk away with

A refreshing look at your business objectives and how advanced data technologies can help to achieve your goals.


A valuable strategic roadmap that outlines the solutions and actions towards an optimal data-driven future.


The freedom of choice to have the data solutions implemented by us, by your own team or by another preferred supplier.

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